317f04c - Allow ldconfig to write to kdumpctl fifo files

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Allow ldconfig to write to kdumpctl fifo files
    - allow neutron to connect to amqp ports
    - Allow kdump_manage_crash to list the kdump_crash_t directory
    - Allow glance-api to connect to amqp port
    - Allow virt_qemu_ga_t to read meminfo
    - Add antivirus_home_t type for antivirus date in HOMEDIRS
    - Allow mpd setcap which is needed by pulseaudio
    - Allow smbcontrol to create content in /var/lib/samba
    - Allow mozilla_exec_t to be used as a entrypoint to mozilla_domtrans_spec
    - Add additional labeling for qemu-ga/fsfreeze-hook.d scripts
    - amanda_exec_t needs to be executable file
    - Allow block_suspend cap for samba-net
    - Allow apps that read ipsec_mgmt_var_run_t to search ipsec_var_run_t
    - Allow init_t to run crash utility
    - Treat usr_t just like bin_t for transitions and executions
    - Add port definition of pka_ca to port 829 for openshift
    - Allow selinux_store to use symlinks
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+80 -50
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