33b9d04 - Split out rlogin ports from inetd

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Split out rlogin ports from inetd
    - Treat files labeld as usr_t like bin_t when it comes to transitions
    - Allow staff_t to read login config
    - Allow ipsec_t to read .google authenticator data
    - Allow systemd running as git_systemd to bind git port
    - Fix mozilla_plugin_rw_tmpfs_files()
    - Call the correct interface - corenet_udp_bind_ktalkd_port()
    - Allow all domains that can read gnome_config to read kde config
    - Allow sandbox domain to read/write mozilla_plugin_tmpfs_t so pulseaudio will work
    - Allow mdadm to getattr any file system
    - Allow a confined domain to executes mozilla_exec_t via dbus
    - Allow cupsd_lpd_t to bind to the printer port
    - Dontaudit attempts to bind to ports < 1024 when nis is turned on
    - Allow apache domain to connect to gssproxy socket
    - Allow rlogind to bind to the rlogin_port
    - Allow telnetd to bind to the telnetd_port
    - Allow ktalkd to bind to the ktalkd_port
    - Allow cvs to bind to the cvs_port
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