354ea1 * Fri Aug 10 2018 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> - 3.14.2-32

Authored and Committed by lvrabec a year ago
    * Fri Aug 10 2018 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> - 3.14.2-32
    - Fix issue with aliases in apache interface file
    - Add same context for symlink as binary
    - Allow boltd_t to send logs to journal
    - Allow colord_use_nfs to allow colord also mmap nfs_t files
    - Allow mysqld_safe_t do execute itself
    - Allow smbd_t domain to chat via dbus with avahi daemon
    - cupsd_t domain will create /etc/cupsd/ppd as cupsd_etc_rw_t
    - Update screen_role_template to allow caller domain to have screen_exec_t as entrypoint do new domain
    - Add alias httpd__script_t to _script_t to make sepolicy generate working
    - Allow gpg_t domain to mmap gpg_agent_tmp_t files
    - label /var/lib/pgsql/data/log as postgresql_log_t
    - Allow sysadm_t domain to accept socket
    - Allow systemd to manage passwd_file_t
    - Allow sshd_t domain to mmap user_tmp_t files
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