429a04 * Mon Aug 10 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> 3.13.1-141

Authored and Committed by lvrabec 4 years ago
    * Mon Aug 10 2015 Lukas Vrabec  <lvrabec@redhat.com> 3.13.1-141
    - Allow chronyd to execute mkdir command.
    - Allow chronyd_t to read dhcpc state.
    - Label /usr/libexec/chrony-helper as chronyd_exec_t
    - Allow openhpid liboa_soap plugin to read resolv.conf file.
    - Allow openhpid liboa_soap plugin to read generic certs.
    - Allow openhpid use libwatchdog plugin. (Allow openhpid_t rw watchdog device)
    - Allow logrotate to reload services.
    - Allow apcupsd_t to read /sys/devices
    - Allow kpropd to connect to kropd tcp port.
    - Allow lsmd also setuid capability. Some commands need to executed under root privs. Other commands are executed under unprivileged user.
    - Allow snapperd to pass data (one way only) via pipe negotiated over dbus.
    - Add snapper_read_inherited_pipe() interface.
    - Add missing ";" in kerberos.te
    - Add support for /var/lib/kdcproxy and label it as krb5kdc_var_lib_t. It needs to be accessible by useradd_t.
    - Add support for /etc/sanlock which is writable by sanlock daemon.
    - Allow mdadm to access /dev/random and add support to create own files/dirs as mdadm_tmpfs_t.
    -  Add labels for /dev/memory_bandwith and /dev/vhci. Thanks ssekidde
    - Add interface to read/write watchdog device.
    - Add transition rule for iptables_var_lib_t
    - Allow useradd add homedir located in /var/lib/kdcproxy in ipa-server RPM scriplet.
    - Revert "Allow grubby to manage and create /run/blkid with correct labeling"
    - Allow grubby to manage and create /run/blkid with correct labeling
    - Add fstools_filetrans_named_content_fsadm() and call it for named_filetrans_domain domains. We need to be sure that /run/blkid is created with correct labeling.
    - arping running as netutils_t needs to access /etc/ld.so.cache in MLS.
    - Allow sysadm to execute systemd-sysctl in the sysadm_t domain. It is needed for ifup command in MLS mode.
    - Add systemd_exec_sysctl() and systemd_domtrans_sysctl() interfaces.
    - Allow udev, lvm and fsadm to access systemd-cat in /var/tmp/dracut if 'dracut -fv' is executed in MLS.
    - Allow admin SELinu users to communicate with kernel_t. It is needed to access /run/systemd/journal/stdout if 'dracut -vf' is executed. We allow it for other SELinux users.
    - depmod runs as insmod_t and it needs to manage user tmp files which was allowed for depmod_t. It is needed by dracut command for SELinux restrictive policy (confined users, MLS).
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