472e3e * Tue Mar 08 2016 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> 3.13.1-158.10

Authored and Committed by lvrabec 4 years ago
    * Tue Mar 08 2016 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> 3.13.1-158.10
    - Allow sending dbus msgs between firewalld and system_cronjob domains.
    - Allow zabbix-agentd to connect to following tcp sockets. One of zabbix-agentd functions is get service status of ftp,http,innd,pop,smtp protocols. rhbz#1315354
    - Allow snapperd mounton permissions for snapperd_data_t. BZ(#1314972)
    - Add new boolean tmpreaper_use_cifs() to allow tmpreaper to run on local directories being shared with Samba.
    - Add support for systemd-hwdb daemon. rhbz#1306243
    - Add interface fs_setattr_cifs_dirs().
    - Label /usr/sbin/lvmlockd binary file as lvm_exec_t. BZ(1287739)
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