482821 - Add support for cmpiLMI_Service-cimprovagt

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Add support for cmpiLMI_Service-cimprovagt
    - Allow pegasus domtrans to rpm_t to make pycmpiLMI_Software-cimprovagt run
    - Label pycmpiLMI_Software-cimprovagt as rpm_exec_t
    - Add support for pycmpiLMI_Storage-cimprovagt
    - Add support for cmpiLMI_Networking-cimprovagt
    - Allow system_cronjob_t to create user_tmpfs_t to make pulseaudio working
    - Allow virtual machines and containers to run as user doains, needed for v
    - Allow buglist.cgi to read cpu info
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