4e78831 - Add cron unconfined role support for uncofined SELinux user

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Add cron unconfined role support for uncofined SELinux user
    - Call kernel_rw_usermodehelper_state() in init.te
    - Call corenet_udp_bind_all_ports() in milter.te
    - Allow fence_virtd to connect to zented port
    - Fix header for mirrormanager_admin()
    - Allow dkim-milter to bind udp ports
    - Allow milter domains to send signull itself
    - Allow block_suspend for yum running as mock_t
    - Allow beam.smp to manage couchdb files
    - Add couchdb_manage_files()
    - Add labeling for /var/log/php_errors.log
    - Allow bumblebee to stream connect to xserver
    - Allow bumblebee to send a signal to xserver
    - gnome-thumbnail to stream connect to bumblebee
    - Fix calling usermodehelper to use _state in interface name
    - Allow xkbcomp running as bumblebee_t to execute  bin_t
    - Allow logrotate to read squid.conf
    - Additional rules to get docker and lxc to play well with SELinux
    - Call kernel_read_usermodhelper/kernel_rw_usermodhelper
    - Allow bumbleed to connect to xserver port
    - Allow pegasus_openlmi_storage_t to read hwdata
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+83 -39
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+274 -162
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