53e1130 - Add missing zabbix_var_lib_t type

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Add missing zabbix_var_lib_t type
    - Fix filename trans for zabbixsrv in zabbix.te
    - Allow fprintd_t to send syslog messages
    - Add  zabbix_var_lib_t for /var/lib/zabbixsrv, also allow zabix to co
    - Allow mozilla plugin to chat with policykit, needed for spice
    - Allow gssprozy to change user and gid, as well as read user keyrings
    - Label upgrades directory under /var/www as httpd_sys_rw_content_t, a
    - Allow polipo to connect to http_cache_ports
    - Allow cron jobs to manage apache var lib content
    - Allow yppassword to manage the passwd_file_t
    - Allow showall_t to send itself signals
    - Allow cobbler to restart dhcpc, dnsmasq and bind services
    - Allow certmonger to manage home cert files
    - Add userdom filename trans for user mail domains
    - Allow apcuspd_t to status and start the power unit file
    - Allow cgroupdrulesengd to create content in cgoups directories
    - Allow smbd_t to signull cluster
    - Allow gluster daemon to create fifo files in glusterd_brick_t and so
    - Add label for /var/spool/cron.aquota.user
    - Allow sandbox_x domains to use work with the mozilla plugin semaphor
    - Added new policy for speech-dispatcher
    - Added dontaudit rule for insmod_exec_t  in rasdaemon policy
    - Updated rasdaemon policy
    - Allow system_mail_t to transition to postfix_postdrop_t
    - Clean up mirrormanager policy
    - Allow virt_domains to read cert files, needs backport to RHEL7
    - Allow sssd to read systemd_login_var_run_t
    - Allow irc_t to execute shell and bin-t files:
    - Add new access for mythtv
    - Allow rsync_t to manage all non auth files
    - allow modemmanger to read /dev/urand
    - Allow sandbox apps to attempt to set and get capabilties
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