61a873 - Fix collectd_t can read /etc/passwd file

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Fix collectd_t can read /etc/passwd file
    - Fix lsm.if summary
    - Add policy for lsmd
    - Cleanup raid.te
    - Add support for abrt-upload-watch
    - Dontaudit access check on cert_t for httpd_t
    - Add support for /var/log/mariadb dir and allow mysqld_safe to list this directory
    - Allow glusterd to read domains state
    - Allow swift to crete cache dirs with correct labeling
    - Add support for pam_mount to mount user's encrypted home When a user logs in and logs o
    - Add support for .Xauthority-n
file modified
+56 -45
file modified
+369 -124
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+14 -1