6a838c0 - Allow traceroute to use all terms

Authored and Committed by dwalsh 11 years ago
    - Allow traceroute to use all terms
    - Fix mgetty use for faxes
    - Dontaudit xdm listing fusefs
    - Allow xguest to resolve host names
    - Allow abrt to read noxattr filesystems (cdrom)
    - Allow abrt_helper to send itself signals
    - Allow amavis to read certs
    - Allow apache to bind to port 3000 (Ruby on rails)
    - Asterist uses mysql and snmp
    - Allow consolekit to write wtmp file for shutdown
    - Allow cups ipc_lock
    - Allow hal to transition to ppp
    - Fix mailman labels for 64 bit systems
    - dontaudit system_mail access to leaked terminals
    - Allow mysqld_safe_t to unlink mysqld pid files
    - nrpe_t uses getpw calls
    - Allow NetworkManager to delete ppp pid files
    - Allow pptp_t to sens userdomain signals
    - Allow prelude to connect to mysql
    - Allow swat to start winbind server
    - Fixes for snort
    - Allow telnetd to setattr user terminals
    - Allow qemu to read fusefs
    - Allow domains that have telinit to connectto upstart unix_stream_socket
    - Dontaudit ipsec_mgmt sys_tty_config
    - Fix labels for postgrestgres test suite
    - Other textrel_shlib_t fixes
file modified
+398 -180
file modified
+30 -1