737a3c - Add more aliases in pegasus.te

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Add more aliases in pegasus.te
    - Add more fixes for *_admin interfaces
    - Add interface fixes
    - Allow nscd to stream connect to nmbd
    - Allow gnupg apps to write to pcscd socket
    - Add more fixes for openlmi provides. Fix naming and support for addit
    - Allow fetchmail to resolve host names
    - Allow firewalld to interact also with lnk files labeled as firewalld_
    - Add labeling for cmpiLMI_Fan-cimprovagt
    - Allow net_admin for glusterd
    - Allow telepathy domain to create dconf with correct labeling in /home
    - Add pegasus_openlmi_system_t
    - Fix puppet_domtrans_master() to make all puppet calling working in pa
    - Fix corecmd_exec_chroot()
    - Fix logging_relabel_syslog_pid_socket interface
    - Fix typo in unconfineduser.te
    - Allow system_r to access unconfined_dbusd_t to run hp_chec
file modified
+37 -17
file modified
+289 -120
file modified
+20 -1