859a101 Make vdagent able to request loading kernel module

Authored and Committed by dwalsh 7 years ago
    Make vdagent able to request loading kernel module
    - Add support for cloud-init make it as unconfined domain
    - Allow snmpd to run smartctl in fsadm_t domain
    - remove duplicate openshift_search_lib() interface
    - Allow mysqld to search openshift lib files
    - Allow openshift cgroup to interact with passedin file descriptors
    - Allow colord to list directories inthe users homedir
    - aide executes prelink to check files
    - Make sure cupsd_t creates content in /etc/cups with the correct label
    - Lest dontaudit apache read all domains, so passenger will not cause this avc
    - Allow gssd to connect to gssproxy
    - systemd-tmpfiles needs to be able to raise the level to fix labeling on /run/setrans in MLS
    - Allow systemd-tmpfiles to relabel also lock files
    - Allow useradd to add homdir in /var/lib/openshift
    - Allow setfiles and semanage to write output to /run/files
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