8ce9bfa - Dontaudit udp_socket leaks for xauth_t

Authored and Committed by dwalsh 11 years ago
    - Dontaudit udp_socket leaks for xauth_t
    - Dontaudit rules for iceauth_t
    - Let locate read symlinks on noxattr file systems
    - Remove wine from unconfined domain if unconfined pp removed
    - Add labels for vhostmd
    - Add port 546 as a dhcpc port
    - Add labeled for /dev/dahdi
    - Add certmonger policy
    - Allow sysadm to communicate with racoon and zebra
    - Allow dbus service dbus_chat with unconfined_t
    - Fixes for xguest
    - Add dontaudits for abrt
    - file contexts for mythtv
    - Lots of fixes for asterisk
    - Fix file context for certmaster
    - Add log dir for dovecot
    - Policy for ksmtuned
    - File labeling and fixes for mysql and mysql_safe
    - New plugin infrstructure for nagios
    - Allow nut_upsd_t dac_override
    - File context fixes for nx
    - Allow oddjob_mkhomedir to create homedir
    - Add pcscd_pub interfaces to be used by xdm
    - Add stream connect from fenced to corosync
    - Fixes for swat
    - Allow fsdaemon to manage scsi devices
    - Policy for tgtd
    - Policy for vhostmd
    - Allow ipsec to create tmp files
    - Change label on fusermount
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