8f37e1b - init reload from systemd_localed_t

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - init reload  from systemd_localed_t
    - Allow domains that communicate with systemd_logind_sessions to use systemd_logind_t fd
    - Allow systemd_localed_t to ask systemd to reload the locale.
    - Add systemd_runtime_unit_file_t type for unit files that systemd creates in memory
    - Allow readahead to read /dev/urand
    - Fix lots of avcs about tuned
    - Any file names xenstored in /var/log should be treated as xenstored_var_log_t
    - Allow tuned to inderact with hugepages
    - Allow condor domains to list etc rw dirs
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+43 -29
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