90a1b23 - Cleanup related to init_domain()+inetd_domain fixes

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Cleanup related to init_domain()+inetd_domain fixes
    - Use just init_domain instead of init_daemon_domain in inetd_core_service_domain
    - svirt domains neeed to create kobject_uevint_sockets
    - Lots of new access required for sosreport
    - Allow tgtd_t to connect to isns ports
    - Allow init_t to transition to all inetd domains:
    - openct needs to be able to create netlink_object_uevent_sockets
    - Dontaudit leaks into ldconfig_t
    - Dontaudit su domains getattr on /dev devices, move su domains to attribute based calls
    - Move kernel_stream_connect into all Xwindow using users
    - Dontaudit inherited lock files in ifconfig o dhcpc_t
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+267 -70
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+101 -67
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+15 -2