a48162 - Allow setroubleshoot to look at /proc

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Allow setroubleshoot to look at /proc
    - Allow telepathy domains to dbus with systemd logind
    - Fix handling of fifo files of rpm
    - Allow certwatch to write to cert_t directories
    - New abrt application
    - Allow mozilla_plugin to transition to itself
    - Allow mdadm_t to read images labeled svirt_image_t
    - Allow NetworkManager to set the kernel scheduler
    - Allow abrt daemon to manage abrt-watch tmp files
    - Allow abrt-upload-watcher to search /var/spool directory
    - More handling of ther kernel keyring required by kerberos
file modified
+174 -120
file modified
+89 -59
file modified
+14 -1