a839d97 - Allow watchdog to read /etc/passwd

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Allow watchdog to read /etc/passwd
    - Allow browser plugins to connect to bumblebee
    - New policy for bumblebee and freqset
    - Add new policy for mip6d daemon
    - Add new policy for opensm daemon
    - Allow condor domains to read/write condor_master udp_socket
    - Allow openshift_cron_t to append to openshift log files, label /var/log/openshift
    - Add back file_pid_filetrans for /var/run/dlm_controld
    - Allow smbd_t to use inherited tmpfs content
    - Allow mcelog to use the /dev/cpu device
    - sosreport runs rpcinfo
    - sosreport runs subscription-manager
    - Allow staff_t to run frequency command
    - Allow systemd_tmpfiles to relabel log directories
    - Allow staff_t to read xserver_log file
    - Label hsperfdata_root as tmp_t
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