bdd55f - Allow mozilla_plugin_config_t to create tmp files

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Allow mozilla_plugin_config_t to create tmp files
    - Cleanup openvswitch policy
    - Allow mozilla plugin to getattr on all executables
    - Allow l2tpd_t to create fifo_files in /var/run
    - Allow samba to touch/manage fifo_files or sock_files in a samba_share_t
    - Allow mdadm to connecto its own unix_stream_socket
    - FIXME: nagios changed locations to /log/nagios which is wrong. But we ne
    - Allow apache to access smokeping pid files
    - Allow rabbitmq_beam_t to getattr on all filesystems
    - Add systemd support for iodined
    - Allow nup_upsdrvctl_t to execute its entrypoint
    - Allow fail2ban_client to write to fail2ban_var_run_t, Also allow it to u
    - add labeling for ~/.cache/libvirt-sandbox
    - Add interface to allow domains transitioned to by confined users to send
    - Allow sysadm_t to check the system status of files labeled etc_t, /etc/f
    - Allow systemd_localed to start /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-vconsole-
    - Allow an domain that has an entrypoint from a type to be allowed to exec
    - Allow staff to getsched all domains, required to run htop
    - Add port definition for redis port
    - fix selinuxuser_use_ssh_chroot boolean
    - Fix bootloader.fc
    - Additional fix
    - Fix with xserver_stream_connect_xdm() calling
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+101 -52
file modified
+274 -165
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+29 -1