c3d661 - Try to label on controlC devices up to 30 correctly

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Try to label on controlC devices up to 30 correctly
    - Add mount_rw_pid_files() interface
    - Add additional mount/umount interfaces needed by mock
    - fsadm_t sends audit messages in reads kernel_ipc_info when doing liv
    - Fix tabs
    - Allow initrc_domain to search rgmanager lib files
    - Add more fixes which make mock working together with confined users
      * Allow mock_t to manage rpm files
      * Allow mock_t to read rpm log files
      * Allow mock to setattr on tmpfs, devpts
      * Allow mount/umount filesystems
    - Add rpm_read_log() interface
    - yum-cron runs rpm from within it.
    - Allow tuned to transition to dmidecode
    - Allow firewalld to do net_admin
    - Allow mock to unmont tmpfs_t
    - Fix virt_sigkill() interface
    - Add additional fixes for mock. Mainly caused by mount running in moc
    - Allow mock to write sysfs_t and mount pid files
    - Add mailman_domain to mailman_template()
    - Allow openvswitch to execute shell
    - Allow qpidd to use kerberos
    - Allow mailman to use fusefs, needs back port to RHEL6
    - Allow apache and its scripts to use anon_inodefs
    - Add alias for git_user_content_t and git_sys_content_t so that RHEL6
    - Realmd needs to connect to samba ports, needs back port to F18 also
    - Allow colord to read /run/initial-setup-
    - Allow sanlock-helper to send sigkill to virtd which is registred to
    - Add virt_kill() interface
    - Add rgmanager_search_lib() interface
    - Allow wdmd to getattr on all filesystems.
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