c8e5e20 - Add missing files_create_var_lib_dirs()

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Add missing files_create_var_lib_dirs()
    - Fix typo in ipsec.te
    - Allow passwd to create directory in /var/lib
    - Add filename trans also for event21
    - Allow iptables command to read /dev/rand
    - Add sigkill capabilityfor ipsec_t
    - Add filename transitions for bcache devices
    - Add additional rules to create /var/log/cron by syslogd_t with correct labeling
    - Add give everyone full access to all key rings
    - Add default lvm_var_run_t label for /var/run/multipathd
    - Fix log labeling to have correct default label for them after logrotate
    - Labeled ~/.nv/GLCache as being gstreamer output
    - Allow nagios_system_plugin to read mrtg lib files
    - Add mrtg_read_lib_files()
    - Call rhcs_rw_cluster_tmpfs for dlm_controld
    - Make authconfing as named_filetrans domain
    - Allow virsh to connect to user process using stream socket
    - Allow rtas_errd to read rand/urand devices and add chown capability
    - Fix labeling from /var/run/net-snmpd to correct /var/run/net-snmp
    - Add also chown cap for abrt_upload_watch_t. It already has dac_override
    - Allow sosreport to manage rhsmcertd pid files
    - Add rhsmcertd_manage_pid_files()
    - Allow also setgid cap for rpc.gssd
    - Dontaudit access check for abrt on cert_t
    - Allow pegasus_openlmi_system providers to dbus chat with systemd-logind
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+151 -90
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+219 -112
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