de9612 * Fri May 17 2019 Lukas Vrabec <> - 3.14.2-58

Authored and Committed by lvrabec 6 months ago
    * Fri May 17 2019 Lukas Vrabec <> - 3.14.2-58
    - Allow dovedot_deliver_t setuid/setgid capabilities BZ(1709572)
    - Allow aide to be executed by systemd with correct (aide_t) domain BZ(1648512)
    - Dontaudit svirt_tcg_t domain to read process state of libvirt BZ(1594598)
    - Allow ngaios to use chown capability
    - Dontaudit gpg_domain to create netlink_audit sockets
    - Allow dirsrv_t domain to execute own tmp files BZ(1703111)
    - Allow transition from udev_t to tlp_t BZ(1705246)
    - Update fs_rw_cephfs_files() interface to allow also caller domain to read/write cephpfs_t lnk files
    - Update domain_can_mmap_files() boolean to allow also mmap lnk files
    - Allow transition from cockpit_session to unpriv user domains
    - Fix type miscfiles_read_pkcs11_modules() interface
    - Fix typo in kernel interface files remove duplicate kernel_rw_kernel_sysctl name of interface and replaced with kernel_rw_kernel_ns_lastpid_sysctl
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