de9c38d - Fix passenger_stream_connect interface

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Fix passenger_stream_connect interface
    - setroubleshoot_fixit wants to read network state
    - Allow procmail_t to connect to dovecot stream sockets
    - Allow cimprovagt service providers to read network states
    - Add labeling for /var/run/mariadb
    - pwauth uses lastlog() to update system's lastlog
    - Allow account provider to read login records
    - Add support for texlive2013
    - More fixes for user config files to make crond_t running in userdomain
    - Add back disable/reload/enable permissions for system class
    - Fix manage_service_perms macro
    - Allow passwd_t to connect to gnome keyring to change password
    - Update mls config files to have cronjobs in the user domains
    - Remove access checks that systemd does not actually do
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+99 -22
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+50 -35
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