e37979 - Add transition rules to unconfined domains and to sysadm_t to create

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Add transition rules to unconfined domains and to sysadm_t to create
    - with the proper label.
    - Update files_filetrans_named_content() interface to get right labelin
    - Allow systemd-timedated to create adjtime
    - Add clock_create_adjtime()
    - Additional fix ifconfing for #966106
    - Allow kernel_t to create boot.log with correct labeling
    - Remove unconfined_mplayer for which we don't have rules
    - Rename interfaces
    - Add userdom_manage_user_home_files/dirs interfaces
    - Fix files_dontaudit_read_all_non_security_files
    - Fix ipsec_manage_key_file()
    - Fix ipsec_filetrans_key_file()
    - Label /usr/bin/razor-lightdm-greeter as xdm_exec_t instead of spamc_e
    - Fix labeling for ipse.secrets
    - Add interfaces for ipsec and labeling for ipsec.info and ipsec_setup.
    - Add files_dontaudit_read_all_non_security_files() interface
    - /var/log/syslog-ng should be labeled var_log_t
    - Make ifconfig_var_run_t a mountpoint
    - Add transition from ifconfig to dnsmasq
    - Allow ifconfig to execute bin_t/shell_exec_t
    - We want to have hwdb.bin labeled as etc_t
    - update logging_filetrans_named_content() interface
    - Allow systemd_timedate_t to manage /etc/adjtime
    - Allow NM to send signals to l2tpd
    - Update antivirus_can_scan_system boolean
    - Allow devicekit_disk_t to sys_config_tty
    - Run abrt-harvest programs as abrt_t, and allow abrt_t to list all fil
    - Make printing from vmware working
    - Allow php-cgi from php54 collection to access /var/lib/net-snmp/mib_i
    - Add virt_qemu_ga_data_t for qemu-ga
    - Make chrome and mozilla able to connect to same ports, add jboss_mana
    - Fix typo in virt.te
    - Add virt_qemu_ga_unconfined_t for hook scripts
    - Make sure NetworkManager files get created with the correct label
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