ebe7e04 - Turn on bacula, rhnsd policy

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Turn on bacula, rhnsd policy
    - Add support for rhnsd unit file
    - Add dbus_chat_session_bus() interface
    - Add dbus_stream_connect_session_bus() interface
    - Fix logrotate_use_nfs boolean
    - Add lot of pcp fixes found in RHEL7
    - fix labeling for pmie for pcp pkg
    - Change thumb_t to be allowed to chat/connect with session bus type
    - Allow call renice in mlocate
    - Add logrotate_use_nfs boolean
    - Allow setroubleshootd to read rpc sysctl
    - Fixes for *_admin interfaces
    - Add pegasus_openlmi_storage_var_run_t type def
    - Add support for /var/run/openlmi-storage
    - Allow tuned to create syslog.conf with correct labeling
    - Add httpd_dontaudit_search_dirs boolean
    - Add support for winbind.service
    - ALlow also fail2ban-client to read apache logs
    - Allow vmtools to getattr on all fs
    - Add support for dey_sapi port
    - Add logging_filetrans_named_conf()
    - Allow passwd_t to use ipc_lock, so that it can change the password in gnome-keyring
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