ee9a754 - Add lvm_read_metadata()

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Add lvm_read_metadata()
    - Allow auditadm to search /var/log/audit dir
    - Add lvm_read_metadata() interface
    - Allow confined users to run vmtools helpers
    - Fix userdom_common_user_template()
    - Generic systemd unit scripts do write check on /
    - Allow init_t to create init_tmp_t in /tmp.This is for temporary content created by generic unit files
    - Add additional fixes needed for init_t and setup script running in generic unit files
    - Allow general users to create packet_sockets
    - added connlcli port
    - Add init_manage_transient_unit() interface
    - Allow init_t (generic unit files) to manage rpc state date as we had it for initrc_t
    - Fix userdomain.te to require passwd class
    - devicekit_power sends out a signal to all processes on the message bus when power is going down
    - Dontaudit rendom domains listing /proc and hittping system_map_t
    - Dontauit leaks of var_t into ifconfig_t
    - Allow domains that transition to ssh_t to manipulate its keyring
    - Define oracleasm_t as a device node
    - Change to handle /root as a symbolic link for os-tree
    - Allow sysadm_t to create packet_socket, also move some rules to attributes
    - Add label for openvswitch port
    - Remove general transition for files/dirs created in /etc/mail which got etc_aliases_t label.
    - Allow postfix_local to read .forward in pcp lib files
    - Allow pegasus_openlmi_storage_t to read lvm metadata
    - Add additional fixes for pegasus_openlmi_storage_t
    - Allow bumblebee to manage debugfs
    - Make bumblebee as unconfined domain
    - Allow snmp to read etc_aliases_t
    - Allow lscpu running in pegasus_openlmi_storage_t to read /dev/mem
    - Allow pegasus_openlmi_storage_t to read /proc/1/environ
    - Dontaudit read gconf files for cupsd_config_t
    - make vmtools as unconfined domain
    - Add vmtools_helper_t for helper scripts. Allow vmtools shutdonw a host and run ifconfig.
    - Allow collectd_t to use a mysql database
    - Allow ipa-otpd to perform DNS name resolution
    - Added new policy for keepalived
    - Allow openlmi-service provider to manage transitient units and allow stream connect to sssd
    - Add additional fixes new pscs-lite+polkit support
    - Add labeling for /run/krb5kdc
    - Change w3c_validator_tmp_t to httpd_w3c_validator_tmp_t in F20
    - Allow pcscd to read users proc info
    - Dontaudit smbd_t sending out random signuls
    - Add boolean to allow openshift domains to use nfs
    - Allow w3c_validator to create content in /tmp
    - zabbix_agent uses nsswitch
    - Allow procmail and dovecot to work together to deliver mail
    - Allow spamd to execute files in homedir if boolean turned on
    - Allow openvswitch to listen on port 6634
    - Add net_admin capability in collectd policy
    - Fixed snapperd policy
    - Fixed bugsfor pcp policy
    - Allow dbus_system_domains to be started by init
    - Fixed some interfaces
    - Add kerberos_keytab_domain attribute
    - Fix snapperd_conf_t def
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