ef94c99 - Allow xdm_t to transition to itself

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Allow xdm_t to transition to itself
    - Call neutron interfaces instead of quantum
    - Allow init to change targed role to make uncofined services (xrdp which now has ow
    - Make sure directories in /run get created with the correct label
    - Make sure /root/.pki gets created with the right label
    - try to remove labeling for motion from zoneminder_exec_t to bin_t
    - Allow inetd_t to execute shell scripts
    - Allow cloud-init to read all domainstate
    - Fix to use quantum port
    - Add interface netowrkmanager_initrc_domtrans
    - Fix boinc_execmem
    - Allow t-mission-control to read gabble cache home
    - Add labeling for ~/.cache/telepathy/avatars/gabble
    - Allow memcache to read sysfs data
    - Cleanup antivirus policy and add additional fixes
    - Add boolean boinc_enable_execstack
    - Add support for couchdb in rabbitmq policy
    - Add interface couchdb_search_pid_dirs
    - Allow firewalld to read NM state
    - Allow systemd running as git_systemd to bind git port
    - Fix mozilla_plugin_rw_tmpfs_files()
file modified
+65 -61
file modified
+500 -240
file modified
+24 -1