f3ef3e - Fixes for *_admin interfaces

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 6 years ago
    - Fixes for *_admin interfaces
    - Allow iscsid auto-load kernel modules needed for proper iSCSI functionality
    - Need to assign attribute for courier_domain to all courier_domains
    - Fail2ban reads /etc/passwd
    - postfix_virtual will create new files in postfix_spool_t
    - abrt triggers sys_ptrace by running pidof
    - Label ~/abc as mozilla_home_t, since java apps as plugin want to create it
    - Add passenger fixes needed by foreman
    - Remove dup interfaces
    - Add additional interfaces for quantum
    - Add new interfaces for dnsmasq
    - Allow  passenger to read localization and send signull to itself
    - Allow dnsmasq to stream connect to quantum
    - Add quantum_stream_connect()
    - Make sure that mcollective starts the service with the correct labeling
    - Add labels for ~/.manpath
    - Dontaudit attempts by svirt_t to getpw* calls
    - sandbox domains are trying to look at parent process data
    - Allow courior auth to create its pid file in /var/spool/courier subdir
    - Add fixes for beam to have it working with couchdb
    - Add labeling for /run/nm-xl2tpd.con
    - Allow apache to stream connect to thin
    - Add systemd support for amand
    - Make public types usable for fs mount points
    - Call correct mandb interface in domain.te
    - Allow iptables to r/w quantum inherited pipes and send sigchld
    - Allow ifconfig domtrans to iptables and execute ldconfig
    - Add labels for ~/.manpath
    - Allow systemd to read iscsi lib files
    - seunshare is trying to look at parent process data
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