fccc315 - Add labeling for /var/lib/servicelog/servicelog.db-journal

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Add labeling for /var/lib/servicelog/servicelog.db-journal
    - Add support for freeipmi port
    - Add sysadm_u_default_contexts
    - Make new type to texlive files in homedir
    - Allow subscription-manager running as sosreport_t to manage rhsmcertd
    - Additional fixes for docker.te
    - Remove ability to do mount/sys_admin by default in virt_sandbox domains
    - New rules required to run docker images within libivrt
    - Add label for ~/.cvsignore
    - Change mirrormanager to be run by cron
    - Add mirrormanager policy
    - Fixed bumblebee_admin() and mip6d_admin()
    - Add log support for sensord
    - Fix typo in docker.te
    - Allow amanda to do backups over UDP
    - Allow bumblebee to read /etc/group and clean up bumblebee.te
    - type transitions with a filename not allowed inside conditionals
    - Don't allow virt-sandbox tools to use netlink out of the box, needs back port to RHEL7
    - Make new type to texlive files in homedir
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