SeqAn3 -- the modern C++ library for sequence analysis

SeqAn3 is the new version of the popular SeqAn template library for the analysis of biological sequences. It enables the rapid development of high-performance solutions by providing generic algorithms and data structures for:

  • sequence representation and transformation
  • full-text indexing and efficient search
  • sequence alignment
  • input/output of common file formats

By leveraging Modern C++ it provides unprecedented ease-of-use without sacrificing performance.

Please see the online documentation for more details.

Quick facts

  • C++ header-only library: easy to integrate with your app & easy to distribute
  • liberal open source license: allows integration with any app or library, requires only attribution
  • very high code quality standards: >97% unit test coverage, performance regression tests, ...
  • extensive API documentation & tutorials: more lines of documentation than lines of code
  • aims to support any 64-bit architecture running Linux/POSIX; currently big-endian CPU architectures like s390x are less supported