082b752 SETools 4.2.2 release

7 files Authored by vmojzis 2 years ago, Committed by plautrba 2 years ago,
    SETools 4.2.2 release
    - Replaced the Python/SWIG/static-linked-libsepol policyrep module with
       a Cython implementation. This will have performance and memory-usage
       improvements and breaks the static linking to libsepol.
    - Significant memory usage reduction in sediff (approximately 60%,
       depending on the policies).
    - Added support for SCTP portcons
    - Updated permission maps
    - Support for Python 2.7 was dropped
    - Drop python2 subpackage (4.2.0 no longer supports python2)
    - Require userspace release 2.9
    - setools-gui requires python3-setools
    - Add Requires for python[23]-setuptools - no longer required (just recommended) by python[23] (#1623371)
    - Fixed performance regressions
    - Made further memory usage improvements
    - Fixed build issues with clean target and runtime_library_dirs
    - Revised package structure to make policyrep a module of the setools
    - Symbol names are now available as the name attribute
      (e.g. Boolean.name, Type.name, etc.)
    - Fixed some apol layouts to increase the size of text fields
    - Move constraint expression to its own class
    - Made Conditional.evaluate() more useful and added
      BaseTERule.enabled() method to determine if a rule is enabled
    - Restored missing statement() methods in some policyrep classes
    - Fixed NULL pointer dereference when iterating over type attributes when the policy has none
    - Added xdp_socket permission mapping
    - SELinuxPolicy: Create a map of aliases on policy load
    - Remove source policy references from man pages, as loading source policies
      is no longer supported.
    - Fix a performance regression in alias loading after alias dereferencing
      fixes in 4.2.1
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