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%global forgeurl
%global uuid        org.cvfosammmm.Setzer

Name:           setzer
Version:        59
Release:        %autorelease
Summary:        LaTeX editor written in Python with Gtk


License:        GPLv3+
Source0:        %{forgesource}
BuildArch:      noarch

BuildRequires:  desktop-file-utils
BuildRequires:  gettext
BuildRequires:  libappstream-glib
BuildRequires:  meson
BuildRequires:  python3-devel

BuildRequires:  gtk4-devel
BuildRequires:  gtksourceview5-devel
BuildRequires:  libadwaita-devel
BuildRequires:  libportal-devel
BuildRequires:  gspell-devel
BuildRequires:  pango-devel
BuildRequires:  poppler-glib-devel
BuildRequires:  python3-bibtexparser
BuildRequires:  python3-cairo
BuildRequires:  python3-gobject-devel
BuildRequires:  python3-pexpect
BuildRequires:  webkitgtk6.0
Requires:       gtk4
Requires:       gtksourceview5
Requires:       libadwaita
Requires:       libportal
Requires:       gspell
Requires:       hicolor-icon-theme
Requires:       pango
Requires:       poppler-glib
Requires:       python3-bibtexparser
Requires:       python3-cairo
Requires:       python3-gobject
Requires:       python3-pexpect
Requires:       webkitgtk6.0

Requires:       texlive
Requires:       texlive-synctex

# LaTeX engines
Requires:       texlive-xetex
Recommends:     latexmk
Recommends:     texlive-pdftex
Recommends:     texlive-luatex

Write LaTeX documents with an easy to use yet full-featured editor.

- Buttons and shortcuts for many LaTeX elements and special characters.
- Document creation wizard.
- Dark mode.
- Helpful error messages in the build log.
- Looks great on the Gnome desktop.
- Good screen to content ratio.
- Arguably the best .pdf viewer of any LaTeX editor.

%forgeautosetup -p1

# Removing unnecessary shebangs
find ./setzer -name "*.py" -type f -exec sed -i '1d' {} \;

%find_lang %{name}

appstream-util validate-relax --nonet %{buildroot}%{_metainfodir}/%{uuid}.metainfo.xml
desktop-file-validate %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/applications/%{uuid}.desktop

%files -f %{name}.lang
%license COPYING