#2 Update spec Obsoletes and add Provides.
Merged a year ago by hedayat. Opened a year ago by pwhalen.
rpms/ pwhalen/sil-scheherazade-fonts rawhide  into  rawhide

file modified
+6 -2
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ 

  BuildArch: noarch


  Version:    3.300

- Release:    1%{?dist}

+ Release:    2%{?dist}

  URL:        https://software.sil.org/%{projectname}/


  %global foundry           SIL
@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ 

  %global fontfamily1        Scheherazade New

  %global fontsummary1       An Arabic script unicode font

  %global fontpkgheader1    %{expand:

- Obsoletes: scheherazade-fonts < %{version}-%{release}

+ Provides: sil-scheherazade-fonts = %{version}-%{release}

+ Obsoletes: sil-scheherazade-fonts < %{version}-%{release}


  %global fonts1             *.ttf

  %global fontconfs1         %{SOURCE1}
@@ -53,6 +54,9 @@ 

  %fontfiles -a



+ * Wed Oct 19 2022 Paul Whalen <pwhalen@fedoraproject.org> - 3.300-2

+ - Fix Obsoletes, add Provides


  * Sat Sep 03 2022 Parag Nemade <pnemade AT redhat DOT com> - 3.300-1

  - Convert spec to new fonts packaging guidelines

  - Update to new upstream release 3.300

Fix a typo in Obsoletes and add a Provides to the spec file.

Pull-Request has been merged by hedayat

a year ago

Would it be possible to do a new build in Rawhide?

We're seeing an issue in Fedora-IoT due to the name change, the update should fix it:


From compose-status.json:

"DNF error occurred: MarkingErrors: Error occurred when marking packages for installation: Problems in request:\nmissing packages: sil-scheherazade-fonts"

Yeah, sure. I'll do it immediately.