#4 Add trailing slash to persistence prefix
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@ 

  # command line options for smartd

- # Add -s /var/lib/smartmontools to enable state persistence

+ # Add -s /var/lib/smartmontools/ to enable state persistence

  smartd_opts="-q never"


  # autogenerated config file options

The -s argument is a prefix, not a directory path, so smartd doesn't add a trailing slash.
Using -s /var/lib/smartmontools without the slash will leave you with state persistence files such as:

$ ls -F /var/lib/smart*


@mhlavink @tsmetana : Ping, on this? It's a really minor comment-documentation change, but makes the information provided in smartmontools.sysconf "not wrong", so...

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