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diff -up sqlite-src-3071602/sqlite3.1.broken sqlite-src-3071602/sqlite3.1
--- sqlite-src-3071602/sqlite3.1.broken	2013-05-16 14:30:05.985387506 +0200
+++ sqlite-src-3071602/sqlite3.1	2013-05-16 14:43:37.434861289 +0200
@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ sqlite>
 .B sqlite3
 has the following options:
-.BI \-init\ file
+.BI \-init\  file
 Read and execute commands from
 .I file
 , which can contain a mix of SQL statements and meta-commands.
@@ -158,11 +158,28 @@ Print commands before execution.
 .B \-[no]header
 Turn headers on or off.
+.B \-bail
+Stop after hitting an error.
+.B \-interactive
+Force interactive I/O.
+.B \-batch
+Force batch I/O.
 .B \-column
 Query results will be displayed in a table like form, using
 whitespace characters to separate the columns and align the
+.BI \-cmd\  command
+.I command
+before reading stdin.
+.B \-csv
+Set output mode to CSV (comma separated values).
 .B \-html
 Query results will be output as simple HTML tables.
@@ -182,9 +199,17 @@ Set output field separator.  Default is
 Set string used to represent NULL values.  Default is ''
 (empty string).
+.B \-stats
+Print memory stats before each finalize.
 .B \-version
 Show SQLite version.
+.BI \-vfs\  name
+.I name
+as the default VFS.
 .B \-help
 Show help on options and exit.