17a6f3 Update to snapshot, use generated lists of files

Authored and Committed by zbyszek 2 years ago
    Update to snapshot, use generated lists of files
    Previous method was untenable, because rpm doesn't have a concept of
    put those files here, and the rest in there. So for every positive
    pattern that was added, we had to add an %exclude line somewhere else.
    So let's generate the lists using pattern matching. This is a bit messy
    too, but should not require updates when files are added or removed.
    (Sometimes it'll be necessary to add a new pattern if the new files
    should not land in the main binary package.)
    There's some intentional changes:
    - man pages are more consistently included with the files they describe
    - shell completion scripts similarly
    - various kernel-install and modules-load related files are moved
      to -udev subpackage
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