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Subject: RE: Looking for the Roger Lindell who wrote "ffa.c"
From: Roger Lindell <>
Date: 02/13/2013 02:09 AM
To: Tom Callaway <>

Hello Tom,

You found the correct Roger Lindell. I am the original author of ffa.c but it was a port of FORTRAN code from an 
old IEEE book on Digital Signal Processing so I'm not quite sure if I'm the copyright holder or not. If I am the 
copyright holder then you are free to use it under GPL.

Best regards,


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From: Tom Callaway [] 
Sent: den 12 februari 2013 21:39
To: Roger Lindell
Subject: Looking for the Roger Lindell who wrote "ffa.c"


I apologize if I have contacted the wrong Roger Lindell, but I am
looking for the copyright holder (and author) of "ffa.c", a source file
included with the Snack audio utility for TCL.

If this is not you, sorry to have wasted your time! However, if it is
you, fantastic! We are trying to determine the license terms for this
piece of source code, and no license is indicated in the file.

We think it is very likely that this code is under the same license as
the rest of Snack, which is the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 or
later, but we are hoping you can confirm this.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Callaway
Fedora Legal

Fedora Project