#3 Update rawhide to upstream release 1.7.1
Opened 3 months ago by packit. Modified 3 months ago

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+ /timew-1.7.1.tar.gz

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  This repository is maintained by packit.


- The file was generated using packit 0.87.1.post1.dev11+gd1f7091b.

+ The file was generated using packit 0.88.0.post1.dev4+gc070191b.

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- SHA512 (timew-1.7.0.tar.gz) = 1ce475528368bcb1d3be973af7d2d88023a64fb089f76cd55b93f1c70e19daac490da9fbe470494d849ec36500730aad4800585e0dbc6202210da9ba8d211243

+ SHA512 (timew-1.7.1.tar.gz) = f28f6c47cc05d8055cc3fae9e96d1936554c685090a40f8af1995e5357947cb9bdfab0ec091f68693a566a876e06eda502de074900f7368a913e85d7e4cf87f1

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  Name:       timew

- Version:    1.7.0

+ Version:    1.7.1

  Release:    %autorelease

  Summary:    Timewarrior tracks and reports time

  # SPDX

Upstream tag: v1.7.1
Upstream commit: 2514d506
Release monitoring project: 14673
Resolves rhbz#2258657

If you need to do any change in this pull request, you can clone Packit's fork and push directly to the source branch of this PR (provided you have commit access to this repository):

git clone ssh://$YOUR_USER@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/forks/packit/rpms/timew.git
cd timew
git checkout 1.7.1-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream
git push origin 1.7.1-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream

Alternatively, if you already have the package repository cloned, you can just fetch the Packit's fork:

cd timew
git remote add packit ssh://$YOUR_USER@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/forks/packit/rpms/timew.git
git fetch packit refs/heads/1.7.1-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream
git checkout 1.7.1-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream
git push packit 1.7.1-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream

If you have the koji_build job configured as well, make sure to configure the allowed_pr_authors and/or allowed_committers (see the docs) since by default, Packit reacts only to its own PRs.

Before pushing builds/updates, please remember to check the new version against the packaging guidelines.

For example, please:

  • check that the new sources only contain permissible content
  • check that the license of the new version has not changed
  • check for any API/ABI and other changes that may break dependent packages
  • check the autogenerated changelog

:warning: Changed behaviour of loading the Packit configuration for koji_build and bodhi_update jobs

We would like to bring to your attention a recent update regarding the loading of Packit configuration for koji_build and bodhi_update jobs. Going forward, the configuration for these jobs will be loaded from the default repository branch (rawhide) instead of the respective branches. This aligns with the behavior of the pull_from_upstream job. We believe this adjustment will simplify the onboarding process and enhance the overall user experience.

Logs and details of the syncing: Packit dashboard