#21 Just testing the context adjust with Fedora 32
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rpms/ psss/tmt context-fedora-32  into  f32

file modified
+7 -1
@@ -3,7 +3,13 @@ 


      how: fmf

      url: https://github.com/psss/tmt

-     ref: fedora

+     ref: context

      filter: tag:virtual


      how: tmt


+ adjust:

+     discover+:

+         filter: 'tag:virtual & tier:1'

+     when: distro == fedora-32

+     because: testing just basic functionality is enough for fedora-32

This discover step should look like this:

        how: fmf
        url: https://github.com/psss/tmt
        ref: context
        filter: tag:virtual & tier:1
        summary: 8 tests selected

Only 8 tests and /tests/core/foo should not be among them.

Build succeeded.

@thrix, according to the test results it seems the context was not properly set in the testing farm. Is the API already enabled?

Looks like this works now:

?[32m[23:47:20] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream] /plans/upstream?[0m
?[32m[23:47:20] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream] summary: Upstream tests working under virtual machine?[0m
?[32m[23:47:20] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]     discover?[0m
?[32m[23:47:20] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]         how: fmf?[0m
?[32m[23:47:21] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]         url: https://github.com/psss/tmt?[0m
?[32m[23:47:21] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]         ref: context?[0m
?[32m[23:47:21] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]         filter: tag:virtual & tier:1?[0m
?[32m[23:47:21] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]         summary: 8 tests selected?[0m
?[32m[23:47:21] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/adjust?[0m
?[32m[23:47:22] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/docs?[0m
?[32m[23:47:22] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/dry?[0m
?[32m[23:47:22] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/env?[0m
?[32m[23:47:22] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/error?[0m
?[32m[23:47:22] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/force?[0m
?[32m[23:47:22] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/ls?[0m
?[32m[23:47:23] [+] [worker_4] [stdout] [/plans/upstream]             /tests/core/path?[0m

But seems one test fails :)

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