The default configuration file for Tor is "/etc/tor/torrc" and is used when you
run this command:

    # systemctl start tor.service

Multiple instances of Tor can be run simultaneously using different
configuration files. For example, tor@custom.service will use the configuration
file "/etc/tor/custom.torrc".

    # touch /etc/tor/custom.torrc
    # echo "SOCKSPort 9051" >> /etc/tor/custom.torrc
    # echo "DataDirectory /var/lib/tor/custom" >> /etc/tor/custom.torrc
    # mkdir /var/lib/tor/custom
    # chown toranon:root /var/lib/tor/custom
    # systemctl start tor@custom.service

To restart, reload, or stop all running instances of Tor (including tor.service
and any tor@.service), use tor-master.service. For example, to restart all
instances of Tor, run this command:

    # systemctl restart tor-master.service