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.TH poreencode 1 "Translate Toolkit 1.10.0" "" "Translate Toolkit 1.10.0"
poreencode \- Re\-encode all files of a PO directory to the specified encoding.
\fBporeencode\fR \fIencoding\fR \fIPO-directory\fR
Where \fIencoding\fR is the encoding you would like to convert to eg.
UTF-8, and \fIPO-directory\fR is a directory of existing PO files.
Takes a directory of existing PO files and converts them to a given
\fBporeencode\fR makes use of the Gettext tool \fBmsgconv\fR(1) to perform
its task. It traverses the PO directory and finds all PO file. It uses
\fBmsgconv\fR(1) to convert the PO file from its existing encoding to the
new encoding.
Like most Gettext tools they do a little bit more than documented,
\fBmsgconv\fR(1) will decide which strings are in fact fuzzy and delete
fuzzy marking - not a lot but you do need to diff (this probably related
to #, fuzzy entries that are not placed in the place Gettext expects