TTCP is a benchmarking tool for determining TCP and UDP performance 
between 2 systems.

The program was created at the US Army Ballistics Research Lab (BRL)
and is in the public domain. Feel free to distribute this program
but please do leave the credit notices in the source and man page intact.

Contents of this directory:

ttcp.c		Source that runs on IRIX 3.3.x and 4.0.x systems
		and BSD-based systems.  This version also uses getopt(3) 
		and has 2 new options: -f and -T.

ttcp.c-brl	Original source from BRL.

ttcp.1		Manual page (describes ttcp.c options, which are a 
		superset of the other version).

How to get TCP performance numbers:

	receiver				sender

host1%  ttcp -r -s			host2% ttcp -t -s host1

-n and -l options change the number and size of the buffers.