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commit 467c7c4c9665c0f8b41a4416722a027ebc05df2b
Author: Andreas Arnez <>
Date:   Mon Jan 21 14:10:00 2019 +0100

    Bug 403552 s390x: Fix vector facility bit number
    The wrong bit number was used when checking for the vector facility.  This
    can result in a fatal emulation error: "Encountered an instruction that
    requires the vector facility.  That facility is not available on this
    In many cases the wrong facility bit was usually set as well, hence
    nothing bad happened.  But when running Valgrind within a Qemu/KVM guest,
    the wrong bit was not (always?) set and the emulation error occurred.
    This fix simply corrects the vector facility bit number, changing it from
    128 to 129.

diff --git a/VEX/pub/libvex_s390x_common.h b/VEX/pub/libvex_s390x_common.h
index a8a66b96b..8723ee21d 100644
--- a/VEX/pub/libvex_s390x_common.h
+++ b/VEX/pub/libvex_s390x_common.h
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
 #define S390_FAC_MSA5    57  // message-security-assist 5
 #define S390_FAC_TREXE   73  // transactional execution
 #define S390_FAC_MSA4    77  // message-security-assist 4
-#define S390_FAC_VX      128 // vector facility
+#define S390_FAC_VX      129 // vector facility