874b12 3.13.0-8 - Add valgrind-3.13.0-ppc64-vex-fixes.patch

Authored and Committed by mjw 2 years ago
    3.13.0-8 - Add valgrind-3.13.0-ppc64-vex-fixes.patch
    PPC64, vpermr, xxperm, xxpermr fix Iop_Perm8x16 selector field
    PPC64, revert the change to vperm instruction.
    PPC64, Add support for xscmpeqdp, xscmpgtdp, xscmpgedp, xsmincdp instructions
    PPC64, Fix bug in vperm instruction.
    PPC64, Re-implement the vpermr instruction using the Iop_Perm8x16.
    PPC64, Use the vperm code to implement the xxperm inst.
    PPC64, Replace body of generate_store_FPRF with C helper function.
    PPC64, Add support for the Data Stream Control Register (DSCR)
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