13b04c0 Rebased to version 0.9.3

Authored and Committed by crobinso 9 years ago
    Rebased to version 0.9.3
    Convert to gtkbuilder: UI can now be editted with modern glade tool
    virt-manager no longer runs on RHEL5, but can manage a remote RHEL5 host
    Option to configure spapr net and disk devices for pseries (Li Zhang)
    Offer to install openssh-askpass if we need it (bz 754484)
    Don't leave defunct SSH processes around (bz 757892)
    Offer to start libvirtd after install (bz 791152)
    Fix crash when deleting storage volumes (bz 805950)
    Show serial device PTY path again (bz 811760)
    Fix possible crash when rebooting fails (bz 813119)
    Offer to discard state if restore fails (bz 837236)
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