59f1d0 Rebased to version 1.1.0

Authored and Committed by crobinso 5 years ago
    Rebased to version 1.1.0
    Switch to libosinfo as OS metadata database (Giuseppe Scrivano)
    Use libosinfo for OS detection from CDROM media labels (Giuseppe
    Use libosinfo for improved OS defaults, like recommended disk size
    (Giuseppe Scrivano)
    virt-image tool has been removed, as previously announced
    Enable Hyper-V enlightenments for Windows VMs
    Revert virtio-console default, back to plain serial console
    Experimental q35 option in new VM 'customize' dialog
    UI for virtual network QoS settings (Giuseppe Scrivano)
    virt-install: --disk discard= support (Jim Minter)
    addhardware: Add spiceport UI (Marc-André Lureau)
    virt-install: --events on_poweroff etc. support (Chen Hanxiao)
    cli --network portgroup= support and UI support
    cli --boot initargs= and UI support
    addhardware: allow setting controller model (Chen Hanxiao)
    virt-install: support setting hugepage options (Chen Hanxiao)
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