e1627d Rebased to version 1.3.0

Authored and Committed by crobinso 3 years ago
    Rebased to version 1.3.0
    Error when trying to modify existing 9p share (bz #1257565)
    virt-manager tries to create vmport device on non-x86 backends (bz #1259998)
    Details/Virtual networks: Allow manually specifying a bridge for qemu:///session (bz #1212443)
    [RFE] Improve Solaris 10 x86-64 support in virt-manager (bz #1262093)
    No system tray icon in Cinnamon session (bz #1257949)
    virt-install does not remove orphaned images on failure (bz #1212617)
    virt-manager does not warn if it cannot find the network (bz #1212616)
    Storage volume manager looses focus when a volume is deleted (bz #1279861)
    Storage volume manager does not update free space (bz #1279940)
    Reboot/Shutdown buttons does not work on aarch64 (bz #1212826)
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