eb8a44 Fix errors with missing nodedevs (bz #1225771)

Authored and Committed by crobinso 4 years ago
    Fix errors with missing nodedevs (bz #1225771)
    Fix CDROM media change if device is bootable (bz #1229819)
    Fix adding iscsi pools (bz #1231558)
    spec: Add LXC to default connection list (bz #1235972)
    Fix backtrace when reporting OS error (bz #1241902)
    Raise upper limits for lxc ID namespaces (bz #1244490)
    Fix 'copy host CPU definition'
    Fix displaying VM machine type when connecting to old libvirt
    Fix qemu:///session handling in 'Add Connection' dialog
    Fix default storage path for qemu:///session, it should be .local/share/...
file modified
+62 -2