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Wine and Pulseaudio Support
Currently wine does not have native support for pulseaudio. However, some
patches exist to make wine use a native pulseaudio backend
(see These have been included
into the fedora wine package. If you have problems please do _not_ report them
to the wine project.

Other ways to get wine working with pulseaudio are described below:

To achieve sound output via the wine alsa driver you need to add
a pulseaudio alsa device to the alsa configuration and activate it in wine. See on how to do this.
For this alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i386 should be installed.

If the pulseaudio-esound-compat package is installed selecting the EsounD driver
in wine should enable sound via pulseaudio.

To use the oss driver of wine copy the following script to ~/bin/wine and make
sure that ~/bin is in your path with a higher priority then /usr/bin. The script
will call the pulseaudio dsp wrapper padsp.

if [ -x /usr/lib*/alsa-lib/ ] && [ -x "/usr/bin/padsp" ] ; then
    echo "Running padsp as pulseaudio wrapper for wine"
    exec padsp -n Wine -- /usr/bin/wine "$@"
    exec /usr/bin/wine "$@"

For more information on a good pulseaudio setup see:

If you think you have found a bug related to this take a look at the bug
reporting procedure at