d4341a update to latest HEAD

Authored and Committed by James Antill 4 years ago
    update to latest HEAD
    - Have "yum check" ignore self conflicts.
    - Add simple testcase for installing older intermediate kernel. BZ 1063181.
    - Don't look for upgrades for install only packages. BZ 1063181.
    - check if repos list is empty after excluding disabled repos. BZ 1109473.
    - Allow caching local repos. BZ 1125387.
    - Expect KB as well as MB in disk requirements message from rpm. BZ 1051931.
    - Multiple lvm fixes. BZ 1047793, BZ 1145485.
    - Change the sqlite synchronous mode for the history file, to NORMAL.
    - Add CAShe config. and objects, use it for MD and packages.
    - Add query_install_excludes conf./docs and use it for list/info/search/prov
file modified
+703 -448
file modified
+14 -1