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summary: fedora-flags
test: "$WITH_SCL ./"
  - redhat-rpm-config
framework: shell
tier: 1
  - llvm-toolset
  - clang
extra-summary: /tools/clang/fedora-flags
extra-task: /tools/clang/fedora-flags
extra-nitrate: TC#0614127


  # Common requirements when LLVM is not SCL-ized
  - require+:
      - clang
    when: "collection is not defined"

  # Requirements for SCL-ized LLVM
  - require+:
      - llvm-toolset-13.0-clang
    when: "collection == llvm-toolset-13.0"
  - require+:
      - llvm-toolset-14.0-clang
    when: "collection == llvm-toolset-14.0"
  - require+:
      - llvm-toolset-15.0-clang
    when: "collection == llvm-toolset-15.0"

  - because: s390x does not have epel repo which is required to provide rpm macros
    enabled: false
    when: >-
      distro == rhel-7
      and arch == s390x

  # Note: this needs epel-release repo to be available
  - because: "To enable rpm macros not available by default (e.g. build_cflags), epel-rpm-macros is needed"
      - epel-rpm-macros
    when: distro == rhel-7